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    Just got my new Covertec Horizontal pouch for the Treo 600 today in the mail. I have tried all kinds of clips and pouches up until now and had issues with each of them.

    I had the PalmOne horizontal slide case first. That was ok, but the hole punched in the fabric for the headset is stupid. When you want to make a call and have your headset plugged in, you needed to unplug your headset to get it out of the case. That is retarded and a pain. You could always cut out a chunk of the fabric, but I have seen some of the people that have done that, and their case gets freyed looking and look very poor. Plus the leather quality looks more like plastic then leather. Very cheap and easy to scratch.

    Next I used the Seidio clip for the 600. This let me take the phone in and out of the holster with the headset on, but offered no protection to the phone. Also the bad wrap about the clips eventually scratching the phone or dropping them when they wear out scared me away.

    I then moved on the Piel Frama flip case. I love this case, but it was a royal pain in the *** to have the case flipped open all the time when typing or talking on the phone without a headset. Plus it hangs vertically and gets in the way when I sit down. The quality is great, the hand craftmanship is great, but functionally it was cumbersome.

    The Covertec case solved all my problems. Their leather quality is awesome. Smooth, supple, and very well made. It allows you to put the phone in and out of the case with the headset connected, and it perfectly fits the phone. Looks great, works great, and has a good strength clip on the back.

    I recommend to anyone looking for a horizontal pouch type case.

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    I recommend it as well. I believe Covertec made this case to fit the Sidekick which I had briefly. The only downside is the magnetic clip. Be careful as I've come close to having my phone fall out as a result of it brushing up against stuff like seatbelts as I'm gettin out of the car. I dropped my Sidekick with the Sidekick-covertec case and it managed to pop out and scratch it up a bit, tho it did help alot during the fall. But other wise it's a good case.
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    Do you guys have egrips in your Treo? I 'm currently using the Handspring horizontal case and it's easy to access my Treo even with the egrips. But I agree, it kinda look cheap and have been thinking to order the Covertec case. In one of the old threads, someone mentioned about the case being too tight with egrips in his Treo.

    Tell me it's OK so I can order mine today!
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    It is pretty tight without egrips. I wouldn't think they would fit in there. I am in the process of stretching it out a little because it hit the space bar once already with an incoming call. I am looking into getting Butler 1.92 to fix this. Other then that, awesome case.

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    It's a great case. I love mine. Just hate how many times the phone answers when taking it out...I thought they fixed the spacebar answer thing with the latest maybe I am hitting another button when I pull it out. But hands down, the Covertec is the best Treo case.
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    Just paid $6.95 for the latest Butler 1.92 from Problem with phone answering is fixed now. Best money I have spent since Phone Technician. If PalmOne is smart, they should buy out these enhancements and roll them into the new Treos in the future. Having the spacebar answer the phone is pretty stupid considering how far it sticks out. The unlock button should have been used only.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo Rat
    Do you guys have egrips in your Treo?

    Tell me it's OK so I can order mine today!
    My T600 fits in the Covertec horizontal case okay with the wrapback Egrips. It did slide in and out of the case easier w/o Egrips. However, I've gotten used to getting it out of the case w/ Egrips. Best protection I've found -- these two plus Boxwave screen protectors.

    When new, the leather in this case does need to be "worked" a little -- as you would a baseball glove -- so it fits the T600 better. Just push in the sides and the bottom of the case a few times until it better accomodates the communicator's form.

    When I first got the case, its snug fit caused the phone to answer calls while it was in the case. Read on this list that the app "TreoGuard" solved that problem. Butler may solve the problem too, though I've not tried it.

    I second the testimonials of others here.
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    Count me in as a fan as well. I bought the black/orange horizontal case with egrips and am terrifically happy.

    I used the case by itself for a few days based on advice from a previous thread to "train" the case a little bit. Then, to avoid the egrips binding on the case as it slides in and out, just learn to lean it towards the screen side.

    Works great!!!!!!!!

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