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    Just looking for ideas to keep my Treo 600 on me while running/jogging. Currently I have the Covertec Horizontal case which I love. But I had the same case for my old sidekick that I once dropped. It flew out of the case and got a couple nice scrapes. I saw the neoprene handspring case but I the belt loop won't do much good seeing as i'll be wearing shorts. Any ideas?
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    I think something like this might work.
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    I seem to be answering my own questions.'s thread about using an Ipod case gave me the idea.... Found this armband. I wonder if it'll work with the Treo's antenna...

    See it here or click the attachment
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    I use the ProClips holster and it works great. I flip it around so the clip is on the outside and the phone is inside the waistband of my shorts and have never had a problem.

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