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    I recently recived a replacment Treo 600 (Sprint) under the Sprint Replacment plan. It's a refurb, but it looked brand new...and it's better than broken Treo (Treo dropped on concrete is not a good thing.)

    Problem is, it seems like this unit freezes up daily or reboots on it's own mutiple times a day. At first, I just disabled LightWav which was the only real change I made between my old treo and this replacment unit. This helped...but the Treo is still doing it just freezes or reboots once or twice a day.

    The refurb unit comes with a 1 year it possible there is something wrong with the Treo causing this? I've never seen such behavior from any other Palm I've owned including my first Treo 600.
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    Try the last error code. For GSM its #*377, its something similar for CDMA

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