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    All of my music is in AAC and I am bent on total convergence (i.e. not buying an iPod). Is there an AAC player available now or on the horizon that is compatible with the T600? I thought realplayer was going to offer AAC support? Also I see that there is a mobile itunes version for Motorola phones. I am guessing that apple probably won't make a mobile itunes version for palm because it would affect iPod sales. What are your thoughts?
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    Apple and Real Networks are currently in a snit over this very issue. Apple does not want to open up the format, and until they do, you are stuck with iTunes, iPod and the iTunes Music Service.
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    It's not just a matter of AAC, but the particular Fair Play DRM that Apple uses in its iTMS tracks.

    Even if one of the players could play AAC tracks, you'd only be able to play the tracks you made from your own CDs or MP3s. Anything you bought on iTunes wouldn't play.

    Apple may eventually make a player for Palm. They already have one, soon to be released, on Motorola phones. But if they don't, you're out of luck. Apple won't be allowing anyone else to make an iTMS compatibile player any time soon.
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    Thanks for your thoughts. I can live with the DRM issue because most of my music wasn't purchased through itunes. I would love an AAC player though. Fingers crossed.
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    I would check the thread here for more discussion.

    I don't know if "stuck with" is exactly appropriate. Contrary to all the negative BS on iTunes and the iTunes Music Store, iTunes has support for more formats than any other thing on the market: like MP3, VBR, WAV, AIFF CD audio, Apple Lossless, Ogg Vorbis (only available in iTunes using a plug-in, not yet available for iPod), you can even import WMA files into iTunes.

    This is one reason why everyone is clamoring to get a piece of the action. Then you get some companies like Real who take illegal actions to make a buck off Apple. First they hi-jack (illegally, I might add) Appleís RTSP streams to take advantage of all the high quality streams that are served free of charge (thanks to Apple software and their licensing which is free). What they are doing is taking Apple out of the picture while using their QuickTime technology behind the scenes and playing it through the Real player.

    I have no respect for this company at all.

    A couple of weeks ago, Real actually had the guts to reverse engineer and incorporate Appleís DRM into their own player (again, illegally). And get this, their reasoning and big beef is that they want Apple to make this available to everyone Ė BUT WAIT. Isnít Real going to make theirs available to everyone? NOPE! Mac users are unable to use Realís new software and Realís own version of an online digital music store.

    No respect! Iím staying as far away from this company as possible.

    Apple does want to open up this world of iTunes. They just have to be careful in how they do it. Hence, the baby steps. And they have been taking these steps for sometime now.

    The way I look at it, the odds of an iTunes player for Palm went up yesterday when Nokia announced they would be providing music downloads with some new startup company. Thatís bad news for them in my mind because the iTunes music store is heads and tails above everything else out there right now and they have about 2 years experience on everyone else starting out at this point. Plus, who else has over 1 million songs available in their catalog?

    Time will tell but they are now more likely to come to Palm to expand the number of iTunes users since Nokia is definitely out of the picture.
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