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    I was sick and tired of the plain bread eMail client that came with my Treo so I am trying out Snapper mail now. It has been great so far but I cannot find one function... Is there a message filter option? Not a spam filter, but a filter so that any emails from will goto a certin folder.

    If not SnapperMail, is there another mail app that does this for the Treo?

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    Yep, Snapper Mail (mine is retail v. has this feature. Create a folder, and in the account edit|rules area, you can have all emails "fetched" from a particular account go to a specific folder....which is what I've been doing.
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    I don't think this answered the orignal question, is there a way to filter incomming messages to different folders depending on content, ie. email address, subject, etc...

    Anyone know? sounds like it possible with VersaMail, but I don't see the option for Snapper...
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    ChatterEmail has a new feature (in the betas) that allows you to create Mailboxes that are filtered by certain criteria (date, to, from, subject, text in the body). The facility is somewhat simple at the moment, but will be expanded in the near future.

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    will chatter ever support pop/smpt? that's all I use.. have snapper.
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    It already supports SMTP (outgoing); POP is unlikely, though. Lots of Chatter users simply get their mail forwarded to a service like fastmail or fusemail, though...

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    I have 1 email address... @sprintpcs... so I use pop on snapper (versamail too buggy).. that is all I need.. no fees etc.. I check mail manually a few times a day (dont like mail trying to connect auto b/c kills my dun connection when I'm using it.)
    I would consider chatter if it could do pop... is that difficult?

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