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    is there any program that will make it so that the little LED on top of the Treo 600 will let you know that you missed a call or that there is voicemail waiting, without having to turn on the screen?


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    Butler (f/k/a TreoButler) allows you to use the LED to notify of vms -- not missed calls, I don't think.
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    Does TreoButler work with GSM (T-Mobile) which notifies you of VM via an SMS message? There many times I clear the SMS message but don't go listen to the VM right away and then I forget about them. I would like the LED to stay in the "New VM" state until I have listened to the VMs from my Treo. There should also be a way to reset the LED state if I listen to the VMs from another phone (which is highly unlikely).
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    I can't speak for the VM indicator in T-Mobile (the LED does turn on for me on Cingular when I have VM, but I'm not notified via SMS).

    But I can say that Butler will turn on the LED for missed calls. As long as your Treo realizes you've missed a call of course (i.e., it doesn't work when your phone is off or out of coverage).
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    treo allegro will allow you to set different colors (orange, red & green) and states (steady or fast blink) for VM & SMS. And best of all, its free!
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    I've been using Butler since its Beta days. It will let you change the status of the LED to indicate a missed call, voicemail waiting, or shut the light off completely.


    I don't work with/for hobbyist software, but he is a TC regular and developed the app with much assistance from those on these boards.

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