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    Ok, here's the deal.

    I'm having the problem as described here on this palmOne Support page:

    I've ran that application offered by palmOne, and I've done a few hard resets, a few soft resets, and a few warm resets, yet nothing works.

    I just bought this thing off ebay (it's brand new) and right after the first charge it started to do this whenever I turned on the phone-part of it.

    Also, when I go to "Phone Info", it doesn't show the Number, the IMEI, and the Firmware Rev. Is that normal? I wouldn't think so...
    Current setup: myTouch 4G Slide (main), hp Pre2 and Veer 4G (backups)
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    Is there someway to "uninstall" the GPRS upgrade and refresh the device to when it had no GPRS? I'm thinking that whoever did the GPRS upgrade somehow did it wrong...
    Current setup: myTouch 4G Slide (main), hp Pre2 and Veer 4G (backups)
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    Getting it from eBay does not mean it is new. It might be having that problem already that is why the phone was sold.

    Right now, there is no documented way to uninstall the GPRS update.

    If you could return it to the seller and get a refund, you might be better off.
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    your right ronbo, not all products in ebay are brand new.
    and to unistall a gprs on the treo 270 it is impossible.
    edeguzman if your treo 270 did not work on the first place your suppose to call ebay and have it exchange with another set or you can contact palmone for a replacement. that is if they will honor the warranty since it was purchased in ebay, not on a legal reseller.

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