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    Where is everyone getting the mini-audio plug you need to connect your 600 to regular head phones to listen to mp3 files with? I found one at Radio Shack but it doesn't fit the plug very good, I only get sound in one ear. Plus it sticks out a mile. Surely there is something better. Can you get headphones with the mini-plug already attached?
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    Thanks, I just found it. Don't know why I didn't look there first. Found just what I was looking for.
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    Try loooking for the Seido's Great...Bought mine on EBAY to listen to MP3's on my Treo (Pocket Tunes on my 1GB SD Card) sounds Great!

    They sell some funky L shaped Stero Adapter for it also? Don't know if it makes it sound better...but Mine works GREAT!
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    So does Sprint's adapter fit better than the Radio Shack one? I thought it was a standard interface, so I bought the one from Radio Shack (Stereo-to-Stereo Audio Adapter, Accepts 1/8" phone plug, Fits 3/32" phone jack, part 274-373) and it's definately a bit loose.

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    The Radio Shack one needs the rubber trimmed a little to fit correctly.
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    Ahh .. now that I look at it again, that should have been obvious. Thanks!

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