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    you can use the SprintPCS SMTP once you get the sprint email set up
    If you signed up for the Satellite connection through EarthLink, your POP3 mail server will be and your SMTP mail server will be
    If you signed up for the Satellite connection through MindSpring, your POP3 mail server will be and your SMTP mail server will be
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    Call your ISP and make sure they accept smtp client that are "off network". And I found even then some clients have trouble. I tried Snapper and it works with

    Apparently smpt on a Treo is not trivial. I think it comes from security measure to keep out spammers.

    You might also post your problem on one of the Chatter threads here. Apparently the developer (Marc) monitors and he might be able to help you.

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    I just ordered my Verizon Treo. I will have it on Tuesday. When I take it out of the box am I able to send/receive email from my road runner account? or do I need to download an email app?
    thanks for the help
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    A friend of mine just got a VZN Treo600. It appears there is no Email Cleint that comes with the Verizon version. You can get Eudora ( CLICK HERE to see it ) for free or buy snappermail or the like. Then you have to set it up. It looks like you can only send with the VZN account and have to have a third party cleint like Yahoo or something to be able to recieve.
    However, the last statment I am still researching and will try to reply here when I get all the info.

    So with the SprintPCS treo, you can send and recieve mail from your Sprintmail account, as well as other accounts too.

    With the Verizion treo, it looks like you can only send with the Verizion mail and not recieve (if you even have Verizon mail?), but you can recieve and send with a third party email account/client from the VZN Treo.

    In both cases, you have to ususaly use the carriers SMTP to send with. And in some cases contact the owner of the other email cleint (like Road Runner) to let them give you permision to send with another SMTP.

    I'll let you know what we find out.

    I can send and recieve Road Runner on my Sprint Treo with zero issues.
    My friends Verizon treo can recieve Road Runner and he is setting up the send portion now.
    Sorry I don't have a more solid answer..
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    thank you Burkhardi. I would be interested to see if you find anything else out.
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    OK Mischwar, I got the 411..
    We got the Road Runner to work just fine and dandy. He downloaded the demo version of Snapper Mail (Free Eudora or a copy of the Handspring cleint will work too)or any other one that supports at least POP3 accounts)).
    He set the POP3 up for Road Runner and the SMTP for Verizon

    TO RECIEVE....
    User name: The one you use for Road Runner
    Password: The one you use for Road Runner
    X is the name of the city of what ever RR you are on. In my case it was Austin, becasue my email is Also, you may need to find your old RR invoice to find you username and password if you don;t know it and you have everything on auto pilot.

    TO SEND...
    Username: [your 10-digit cellphone number followed by]
    Password: [your password that you set up on the webpage]

    This should work. No other fancy settings needed
    He also said a lot of time the SMS is lockout due to a glitch and you may need to call Verizon Wirelesss (VZW) and talk to a tech to have them re-enable the account.
    SO MAKE SHURE YOU CAN SMS/TEXT first, then work on the email.
    It looks like VZW has no true email to send with (Sprint as "your VZW makes you use their SMS. SO it looks like VZW just offers a SMTP server to let you send from Third party cleitns that will not allow relaying. Which is for example like RR. RR only wants you to send RR email with their SMTP from their servers, not anyone else, that is why you need to use VZW SMTP to send the RR email.

    Let me know if you need me to expand on any of this..
    Good luck, Matt
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    Well stated brotha, well stated.
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    thanks matt, when i get my phone i wil try that all out
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