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    Ok. So we live in a high-tech society now. We have anything and everything imaginable to play with in our hands.

    We also have one of the worlds most advanced phones known to man. It's use and power is limitless, even more so with the intergration of Palm OS software. It makes it SOOO much more versitile than any other PHONE out there.

    So why is it that we have all of this technology and no motivation to put streaming TV on it? We have streaming audio. Why can't we have a damn TV?!? MobiTV has an application for about 15 other worthless phones. Why are WE, the ones that spent $600 for a phone that does everything (but have TV) stuck without TV!?!

    Ok. I vented. More edited and sudle than my true thoughts on this matter, but you get the idea.

    Any thoughts or ideas?

    Oh, and the answer is no, I already emailed MobiTV. They have no plans to put it own our beloved Treo.
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    Please avoid double posting.

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