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    I tried a search didn't see what I was looking for. I am wondering if there is a way to increase the buffer of a shoutcast broadcast so that it will have less tendency to cut out during listening.

    I for one would gladly give a 3 to 5 minute delay in hearing music when I go to start it up, if it were to give me that large of a buffer thus eleminating the cut-outs that occur during tunes.
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    I agree to the above request!!! It would have to be something implemented on Pocket Tunes. I don't think 3-5 min. is realistic!!! It would consume way too much physical ram (I think) But at least 1 min. I think is more realistic.....
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    Well, let's do the math. Let's say you want a 3 minute buffer on a song (shoutcast) that you are streaming. lets take that stream at... the minimum....24kbit
    that is 3kilobytes per sec.
    60 sec in 1 min
    180 sec in 3 min
    180 x 3 = 540k (approx)

    that's going to take about... 45 seconds - 3 min to download on SPRINT's service... at least 3 min to download on GSM

    now, for most of us, we dont have buffering issues at 24k, so i assume you mean something higher, lets take 128k for example.

    128kilobits / 8 (8 kilobits are in 1 kilobyte)
    = 16k per sec.

    3 minute = 180 seconds
    180 seconds x 16 = 2880k ~ 3 megs
    that would take some time to download... the thing is... once the memory on treo is filled - it slows down DRAMATICALLY the treo - not to mention it might even CRASH the treo - i'm not sure how the memory banks handle once they are full, but i know when i use blazer and it goes over my 15 megs i've laid aside for images/history, it either crashes or says memory full. i'm not sure this is the optimal solution for pocketunes... until there is either A. more memory available on board - or B. faster data rates - interesting idea about buffering it to the SD slot tho - but that may ask for too much CPU processing at once and may crash treo - i'm not an expert but seeing as how the treo lags as it does while using pocket tunes streaming AND another application, i just dont think it's the right OS to be using this idea on. PalmOS 5.1 isn't *meant* to be multi-tasking like pocket tunes idea is to just goto and search on their shoutcast list via your treo / blazer and input the 24kbit channels they have... it will automatically open adn save settings in pocket tunes when you hit the open/listen button via blazer

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