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    I was curious to know if anyone knows of a major retail chain that sells screen protectors that are specifically designed for the TREO 600? I would like to pick some up on the way home from work if possible. Thanks!
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    Did you try Staples, Office Depot, BestBuy or CompUSA? Please check their PDA section, not necessarily Palm branded but for Treo 600.

    I saw the Pa1mOne screen protectors at Fry's but backout of it after reading someone here go through the hassles.
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    Most of the stores ronbo mentioned carry screen protectors but they are not good ones. These stores carry ones similar to the Fellows Write Rights. These are hard to apply, often leave bubbles, are not re-usable and do not last long.

    You would be much better off ordering on-line and picking up either a Brado, G2, Boxwave or Martin Fields product.
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    Good point, igreenberg. It is a matter of how to apply and lots of patience.
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    There is no doubt that with the proper patience and technique the screen protectors sold by retail stores can be applied without bubbles. The other type of protector is just far easier to do so.

    The big difference is that they are not washable/reusable.
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    Ah, that I did not know. Thank you, igreenberg.
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    I was in Circuit City the other day and saw that they had the PalmOne branded screen protectors for sale. Try there as they may have them in your area also.
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    The PalmOne protectors that Circuit City carries here are the "universal" cut-to-fit variety. I returned the ones I bought and ordered G2 protectors for my Treo.
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    Yeah, the PalmOne Circuit City ones are bad. I just ordered the TC version from teh TreoStore and they have been great. I love the fact that they don't show fingerprints like the naked screen does. Big ups.

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