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    I'm trying to change an ESN of my Treo for my personal use. Using KWESN or UniCDMA tools, can I change my phone's ESN#? Or not, is there any way to change it? And, I'm going to use this phone in some Asian countries, China or Korea which are currently using the same CDMA frequency. Can I change phone number format appearing when making a call. In US, it's xxx-xxx-xxxx fixed system but in each country has its own format, such as xx-xxxx-xxxx or xxx-xxxx-xxxx. In this case, "-" is very annoying because it makes hard to identify the phone number and area codes. So I'd like to either take the "-" sign away or modify "-" positions somewhere I want. Is this possible? I heard that there're some genius guys using Treo in other countires except US. I seriously need a lot of help about these matters!!!
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    anything on this?
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    6b 6f 63 6f 6d 61 6e 20 6f 66 20 63 64 6d 61 2d 64 65 76 2d 74 65 61 6d

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