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    Is there a headset/earbud that pipes the ringtones thru? Or I am I missing a setting. I have the 600 with Sprint.

    Thanks in advance.
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    The short answer to your question is that there is a PalmOne headset that picks up all the audio from the Treo.

    Longer version:
    I haven't searched around much on this topic, but I'll share some comments. I too was wondering why the headset that came with the Treo didn't get the ringtones through it. I think I read in another post that the audio for a phone conversation is piped to the headset jack through a different "pipe" than the audio for mp3's or ringtones, etc. and that you need to get another headset or adapter in order to hear the non-phone conversation stuff.

    I had purchased a Palm headset for my Tungsten C before I returned the T/C in favor of the Clie UX-40. I never got around to returning the headset. I noticed that it is very similar to the headset that comes with the Treo, but it had three bands around the plug instead of the two on the included Treo one. Sure enough, when I use it with my Treo, I get the ringtones and phone audio through the headset also. (I haven't tried mp3's yet.) Why they didn't include this type of headset with the Treo in the first place, I don't know.

    I hope others willl "pipe in" here to corroborate or share their experience.

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    Thanks for the info.


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