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    Psytek thank you so much for starting this threat. I really though I was just crazy and it feels so good to know that it isnt just ME feeling this. I wouldve never thought of starting a threat like this because I wouldve never thought that so many people are feeling the same thing. I have had my treo for a year now, and I feel it vibrate on my lef even when it isnt there constantly, especially when I am driving.
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    I do get the same on my left side of my waist. I have a case for my treo 600 that attached on my belt. I thought it was jut me.... Now, I'm starting to worry on why is this happening....
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    Same thing here. I carry it in my front left pocket and several times a day will reach down to answer the phone because I think its vibrating and its not. Interesting enough, if I carry it in a shirt pocket, I have a similar but slightly different sensation in my chest.
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    I carry my T600 on my belt above my front right pocket. I thought I was just imagining my phone was vibrating. But now..... I realize I must be just as nuts as the rest of you. (crazy about my T600, that is! ;-)
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    meralgia paresthetica - I actually asked a doc about it, was freaking me out.
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    I carry the Treo in the front of my underpants.

    I too get the vibrating sensation. But I always enjoy it.
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    I've never felt these phantom vibrations. How could I? I've never felt the **real** Treo 600 vibrations.
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    Wow, I just got used to it. I never thought anyone else was goin' thru this! hahaha!

    It would be in my front pants pocket (left pocket, right pocket is keys only ) and I would swear it vibrated so I would just put my hand on it to double check if I wasn't trippin' out.

    But yeah, I just started to accept it. Did that with my Sanyo 8100 too.
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    You'll know its radiation when you have to hold the Treo next to your leg so that the newly sprouted ear can hear the conversation.
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