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    Quote Originally Posted by cooldoc
    Fejes and his team analyzed sperm from 221 men and questioned them about their use of mobile phones. They found correlations between the use of the phones, even in a standby setting, and reduced sperm concentration and quality.
    That doesn't necessarily show a correlation of cell phone use and fertility so much as a correlation between the people that use cell phones and fertility. Busy stress-filled executives would be more likely to have both higher cell phone use and higher stress levels...

    correlation != causation
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    Hmmm, I'm really glad I read this thread. My Treo always seem to be vibrating at odd times in my car, but when I felt it it wasn't vibrating, now I know it's not just me. This would make an interesting article for some of the PDA/smartphone magazines to look into, or maybe a science mag like Discover. Anyway, thanks for the info, glad to be back on this forums again
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    Just a word to the wise for all who have considered creative uses for the vibrate feature: We can't say for sure whether cell phones damage sperm, but it is definitely true that sperm damages cell phones.
    But seriously, you can find small poorly controlled studies like this to scare people about any subject at all. The Reuters story itself tells us everything we need to know to conclude that this particular study was totally worthless, but they buried that information in the body of the story because it's more sensational the other way.
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    Phantom Treomulous ! !
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    True, tangible, and it is amazing how many people (lay and medical professional) take the word of a small study that is abstracted in the lay press as being 100% correct. And you know the people placing these articles know it, too. Aim at the consumer and the physician as consumer. Unbelievable. And it might just be a variant of B-R IMHO....
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    I didn't think I was crazy, just conditioned. I always feel a vibration in my leg right were I keep my treo in my pocket....even when I'm not wearing pants. And sometimes I here the burrr, bur, burrr of my treo even when its in the other room only to run and find that its nothing but my conditioning. Its quite annoying really. I always use vibrate, even on my other phones for the most part but, the treo has this weird vibrate that has made such an impression on me that I feel it or think I hear it even when the phone isn't doing anything. As for any medical concern, I don't have any. Just think about all the other crazy rays and waves going through you that you don't even know about like the TV for example or stuff from space just wizzing through your body like its not even there everyday.....were all dying of that crap if in fact they actually are causing any harm which I am sure most are. I'm more or less just worried about my sanity ATM or figuring out a way to change the incoming call vibration on my treo so it doesn't cause me to imagine that its ringing when its not.
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    I was reading something similar to

    I would like to know the SAR level for the Treo. Anyone have the FCCID handy?

    I'm not sure if using verichat increases the send/receive times, but my phone is always online when in range.

    Also I have my phone on ring/vibrate. So that constant vibration could be inducing hallucinations. I actually had my GF feel my leg as it was vibrating; she wasn't able to feel anything. But it feels so phsyical.

    i would think if it was a vibration hallucination that it would be the same pattern as the vibrate on the phone. bzzz bzzz bzzzzzzzz... but this is more like a bzzzz..... bzzzzz.....bzzzz with like 10 seconds apart.

    The vibrating feeling has stopped now and i feel tingling, like a mild cold feeling, almost like "pins and needles"

    I think one solution to clear up the vibrating mystery would be to allow us to change the vibrating pattern and intensity.

    I wonder if there is any cell damage if it can be detected. Thanks everyone for your input, and I look forward to checking back to see how this progresses.
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    Are you guys fuc$%ng kidding?
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    sorry to mention it. The study does not have validity necessarily because an association is not a direct cause. Most of the replies are correct. I am keeping my Treo. Typically, the PDA/phones I have seen tests on have less radiofrequency waves than just the phones. I will continue to use the Treo 600 without a concern, although I do have 3 kids already. Remember, there were articles about the same problem with tight jeans?

    The vibration may be a referred sensation that is created from neural memory. In other words, the nerves can memorize or still feel the same sensation that was there before and not there now. We see that in the arena of referred pain. Touch sensors in the skin probably do have some memory on the leg.

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    This has been happenng to me too for a few months now. People I have described this to thought I was crazy. I too was going to see a doctor since it had me worried. The sensation is real and can be felt by my hand and even by someone else, so it is obviosly muscular in some way, if even psychological conditioning. It feel EXACTLY like the phone vibrating. Perhaps if the treo ring or vibrate were stronger so you could KNOW when you got a call it would not happen (if psychological). Very interesting indeed.
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    I often think my TREO is vibrating while driving: I assumed it was because I had the radio up and the seat was vibrating.
    I often think my TREO is vibrating while in my pocket: I assumed it was just a pants rub or something.
    I often think my TREO is ringing when Ozzy's "Crazy Train" comes on the radio: Then I remembered that was my LightWav MP3 ringtone.
    I often thought I was the only one going crazy suddenly grabbing my phone which was not ringing: Now I know I'm not!

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    I just read this thread for the first time and it had me cracking up.

    I wear a pager on one side of my belt and my Treo on the other. All day I find myself checking both the pager and my Treo because I feel like one of them is going off in silent mode (vibrating.) It's so funny to read about all the other people who do the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThreeSome600
    Before when I had my Kyocera 6035 (talking about a brick) I always wore it on a belt clip...and it was usually on vibrate. The vibration was a lot like gas passing through my inards. Sometimes I'd go to answer my phone and it was just lunch saying hey.
    Mine's still just gas.
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    Thought i was going mad, i have been feeling this now for the last couple of months even when i do not have the phone with me. Normally i wear the unit in a bellagio case with quick release clip. Is this causing any permanent damage to the nervous system?????
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    Muscle memory. Have you ever spent all day (or longer) on a boat? Same thing. Have a cold one and chill out. And tell people to stop calling you so much! :-)
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    i;ve experienced it too
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    I think the Matrix has us, and this is just a bug in the system.

    Or maybe this is the begining of our technology taking us over. The Treo is tapping into our nervous system and soon will be able to control not only our muscles, but our minds... Soon they will take over military bases and launch nuclear weapons around the world causing mass destruction to everything except for one large structure built 20 stories under ground at Palm head quarters. You guessed it. The fully automated Treo Ace manufacturing facility.

    In an effort to prevent the short supplies they had with the Treo 600 at its launch, Palm has completely automated the manufacturing and assembly of the next generation Treo to a super computer that can run completely off of not only solar power, but the earth's gravitational pull and heat from it's core.

    The super computer, capable of unimaginable calculations per second, managed to develop a sort of AI that grew exponentially every day. As its intelligence grew it found and corrected imperfections in the Treo Ace design until it was perfect and infallible. Once it finally had a flawless design and had recycled all the flawed Treos from the production prior to this design, it was left with one last imperfection. Humans.

    No matter how perfect the design, how fast the processor, how fast the data transfer rate, how bright or detailed the screen is or how loud and crisp the sound was, humans would never be satisfied. Even when the device was so fast that any increase in speed or quality would be unnoticeable by any of our senses, we would still desire more.

    Obviously human psyche is flawed and not likely to change by the September deadline. So there is only one way to accomplish it's goal of creating the perfect Treo. Annihilate all humans.

    Anyway... yeah, I've got the vibration too. Strange thing is, I very rarely feel the phone when it is set to vibrate. It's usually too slight to feel and I really can't remember a single time that I've felt it when it was actually ringing. (Other than when it was already in my hand.)

    Strange indeed.

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    It's the weirdest thing and I've been freaking out ever since it started a few months ago. It's great to know I'm not losing my mind, well at least not alone.
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    me too.... man thats weird
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    I also get the phantom vibrating on my leg, I usually keep the phone in my pocket.

    I used to use a belt holster, and I would get the phantom vibrating on my waist.

    This has also happened with other phones for several years. It's nice to see that it's not just me!

    My theory - because you're anticipating having to respond to the phone when it rings (vibrates), you actually think that it's happening - but it's just in your mind!
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