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    Hey we got a Troll in this forum...I SEE YOU!!!
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    A free society is a place where it's safe to be unpopular.
    - Adlai Stevenson

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo_78
    Hey Cool 100thM...I see you posted a link to ur name sake...Did you read the book? It's quite interesting.
    Actually, yes, over the internet as well as several commentaries. I came across it while exploring theory and evidence of convergence between artistic expression on commerical containers with patterns of increasing and decreasing economic trade in relation to changing societal values during periods of upswing and downswing.

    I agree wholeheartedly, there are things that people seem to know, without knowing that they know it. There is more to people that I think that most logical positivists would like to admit. As we are aware, people are much more swayed by unconscious/non-conscious information in their decision making processes, so I am particularly excited by the thought that it may be possible that, eventually, enough people may come to adopt a (lets just simply and say) positive attitude on life that the positive values and interactions may spread throughout of all us reigning in a new era of hope with less self destructiveness towards ourselves and one another. I know its a leap from acquired skills and object manipulation, but we, as humans, after all have more folds in our cerebral corticies than symians. i guess I think of it alot like karma, except in a holistic fashion. Rather than tit for tat returns on invested events, I think that general patterns of behavior tend to return similar patterns as a whole, of course, patterns jumping islands could get tough, well maybe not for those of us in the age of communication.
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    1) This thread has gotten way off topic.
    2) We will enforce our rule of no personal attacks/flaming/trolling of other users on this forum.
    3) This thread is now closed.
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