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    I went to my local best buy for a 1GB SD card and they told me they stopped carrying them.

    This leads me to be cautious as to why..?
    Are 1GB cards unstable?
    The other question is.. what kinds of different read/write speeds are available for 1GB cards and what is the best one to use on a Treo. For example.. since high speed SD cards are always pricier... im wondering is the reader in the Treo will actually read/write at the highest available transfer speeds for the SD cards available.

    My final question.. and this is a biggie. for those of you who have high capacity cards, if one shorts out on you.. what do u do..

    These guys claim lifetime warranties...

    anyone know the skinnY?
    Thanks ahead of time!
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    in my searches i also located a

    60X 1 GB SD card..

    cant find many of them around though.. anyone try one of these?
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    I've thought about getting one, but to be honest, it's alot of money when all I really need is a 256. You can get alot of stuff on a 256. If they come down a bit more in price I will, but the 256s and 512s keep dropping too.
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    yeah i am seriously thinking of waiting to see how far the 60X 1GBs come down in time for the treo ace. i have a regular 256 sandisk atm.

    but i recently discovered that i can put family guy episodes and any other dvds on here which is just pretty darn cool. however.. seeing as how the resolution is so crappy i dont see me really wanting more space till i can see pics and movies clearly.
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    I bought this card as well as the Trancend 45x and here are my results. The only advantage I see with the ATP is when writing and reading 8kb.

    VFSMark Results - ATP 60x

    File Create: 193%
    File Delete: 182%
    File Write: 43%
    File Read: 157%
    File Seek: 393%
    DB Export: 113%
    DB Import: 395%
    Record Access: 326%
    Resource Access: 314%

    VFSMark: 235

    Write32bit 63
    write8kb 91658
    read8kb 595781
    VFSMark Results - Trancend 45x

    File Create: 199%
    File Delete: 189%
    File Write: 47%
    File Read: 155%
    File Seek: 393%
    DB Export: 104%
    DB Import: 395%
    Record Access: 323%
    Resource Access: 312%

    VFSMark: 235

    Write32bit 67
    write8kb 81920
    read8kb 582542
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    i ended up buying the card. while not the sketchy 305 i saw posted somewhere around here... i did get 232-237 and thats a big step up from my 133 sandisk... *shudder*
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    For anyone deciding between ATP and Trancend, go with ATP. After several test using VSF and Speed test on each card, ATP's result was a little bit more faster and was more consistent after each test. Trancend kept jumping around. The speed test on the ATP card lasted approx. 6 min or less. Trancend was 6 or longer.

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