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    I think Fast Forward is an excellent tool. I would be very interested in registering it, except I don't always want my calls forwarded when my phone is in the charger.

    When I am at work, I need my Treo to still ring. However, at home, I'd always prefer calls be forwarded to my home phone when it is in the charger.

    How many of you would consider registering Fast Forward if the developer added Day of week and time profiling to this utility?
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    The developer has already stated that scheduling is in the works. For the time being, you can turn off FastForward when you are at work. That's what I do. And I did register.
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    I am already working on this exact feature. However, having a few more people register would motivate me a bit more! I will post an update on the message boards when I have this new version ready to test.

    I personally dont need these extra features that other people have requested, so I hope that after I do all this work for others - more people will register..

    thanks for the input!

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    Suck it up and register, people. We're talking about FIVE BUCKS.
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    I registered a while ago, and am happy I did. It's a great app.
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    thanks for the support guys!

    I have been working on an all new version.. which will allow up to 5 different forwards, each will have its own setting for days and time of activiation. It will also have popup selection before the foward takes place with a timer defaulted to the current forward.... and the option to cancel forwarding.. so you will have total control over what goes on as well as not having to do anything if you dont want to worry about it.

    the interface is already in place.. still working on the core code and functionality but hopefully should have it ready for a beta test in the next week or two.


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