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    I have a treo 600/CDMA (sprint) with the the last update and starting Monday this week all my email messages using built in Mail have come across this way (no To/From, full headers and date is 1/1). I downloaded Snapper to test and email came across fine thru it.
    Any insight? Thoughts?
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    did you ever get a fix to this? my mail is all fubar'd
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    nope...sprint was of no help and neither was palmone. ended up purchasing snappermail. Interestingly, I use Mail for personal (ie. mindspring) email and I have no problems with email piped thru it but email that came thru my vpn/corporate servers was all messed up - that was the only (possible) clue to my problem. I also tried other email clients other than snapper including chatter and eudora and they both worked fine as well - just liked snapper better.

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