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    My treo log gave me this message--"HotSync could not remove unused expansion slot install directory "unknown card" (because it may still have files on it). Hotsync detected a change in either the number or type of expansion slots on the handheld."

    I recently uninstalled ramdisk. Does anybody know how to resolve the above issue?

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    I use Treo-680, but I am having the same problem. However, it only started to happen when I upgraded my Mac desktop and laptop to Intel. I have tried to find the directory “.indelible-info”, but haven't been able to find it in my Treo-680.
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    In your Mac, go to:
    Users -> Your account -> Documents -> Palm -> Users -> Your user name -> you will find a folder called "Files to Install" (it contains a subfolder called "SecureDigital (SD) Card" and perhaps a hidden folder "indelible...", which apparently is the one giving the problem).
    Take the folder "Files to Install" to the trash and empty it. Don't worry, the folder will be created again during your next Sync. That solved the problem for me (make sure you do it in all your desktops and/or laptops you Sync with).
    Good luck!

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