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    I have VZW WS set up to sync my Exchange data, and also a personal IMAP account. Two questions:

    1. The Exchange email obviously goes through my PC, which therefore has to be up at all times. Is that also true of the POP/IMAP mail, or is VZW WS going directly to the mail servers for that?

    2. On the VZW WS Web site, my IMAP mail has a distinguishing icon so I can see whether a message is business or personal. But on the Treo itself I can see no difference. Has anyone resolved this?
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    Or, since no one is answering here, is there a better forum to post questions about VZW WS?
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    Your POP mail is pulled directly from the Verizon server ... I haven't figured out how to make the "personal mail" look different yet either.
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    1] I believe the answer is that the POP3/IMAP feature goes directly through Verizon's servers. I don't believe that you need the WS app to be running since you set the POP3/IMAP settings in the web account page.

    2] I don't believe that there is a way to distinguish the two types on the Treo itself. Of course, you can check by looking at the to: header in the e-mail, but that's pretty cumbersome. I haven't found a way to have those private e-mails marked differently. But then again, I haven't looked very hard either.

    EDIT: Or I guess I could have just said that I agree with everything that emosier said.

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