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    a customer has a problem with his Treo 600.

    It is impossible to receive a call with a blocked caller ID .

    Is the caller ID visible - no problem with either button or screen.

    Is it not visible (blocked) - ist is not possible to connect via screen or button.

    Any hints?

    FW 02.09 SW Treo 1.10 int Hardware B

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    Almost all operators donīt allow this function. When you try to block the calle ID, the phone send the request to the net. If the service is available, the pone connects, but if the provider donīt admit this, then you will not be able to acces the network. (maybe the Phone number ID is a security issue)
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    Hi everybody,

    the bug is fixed by FWUpdate 3.05.

    Sorry - i should have done this first ;-)


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