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    Thunderbirds are go!

    What? wrong thunderbirds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dbaldon
    or the default behaviour could just be to open URLs entered in the Address field in new tabs. This is so basic that an extension should not be needed. each his own I guess. For me, if I'm on website A and want to go to website B, and am no longer interested in website A, opening a new tab for website B by default doesn't seem intuitive to me, as I would have to go back to tab 1 if I wanted to get rid of website A.

    Anyway, just my .02
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    Exactly. And, as a web developer, I've come to hate IE's inferior CSS handling and lack of true transparent PNG support. Firefox is just a much better supporter of web standards and anything we do do have more people on a browser that supports TRUE standards rather thab DE-FACTO standards just because of overwhelming marketshare the better. And Thunderbird is great too. much cleaner and more secure than Outlook or OE with a very good spam blocker.
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    Just press "Ctrl-T" to open a new tab, and the focus is in the address bar of the new tab so you can type the new address. Easy.

    Also, why should Firefox behave like any other tabbed browser? Each can implement tabs as they like. I prefer the behaviour of the current version, otherwise you get too many tabs open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woof
    Now where did you come up with that? Thunderbird kicks outlooks ***. Of course if you want to sync your treo to tb your probably gonna need intellisync or something like it.
    My point exactly. I'm looking for something that will snyc easily and nicely with Palm. From everything that i have gathered form the posts, this does not appear to be true.

    One of the main things keeping me using outlook is how seamlessly everything seems to be xfer b/w my 600 and outlook. It works exactly the way i expect it to and the the way it should. I am not willing to settle for anything less than this integration.

    I am currently using Firefox and I like it much better than IE. To be honest, the main thing reason why i want to switch from Outlook is the vulnerabilities it has, as well as it being a high profile target for viruses.
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