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    I'm a new owner of a cameraless 600. I know someday the treo ace will be out with blue tooth, but can i make the 600 blue tooth compatible somehow? I'd really like to use a wireless earpiece while driving. And if there is a company, etc. can someone steer me to the best choices?

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    There is no way at the moment to add bluetooth capabilities to the Treo 600. You can get bluetooth headsets, but they would require a dongle that connects to the phone. That dongle provides the bluetooth connectivity to the wireless headset. There are ones from Jabra, Bluetrek, and many more. I'm sure you can find more information, just by doing a search for bluetooth here.
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    There was mention a while back of some software patch for Callfilter that would allow the use of the button on the Jabra Freespeak. Has anything come of this?
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    I think it works in the latest version of callfilter. Too expensive though for this feature alone!
    Here is the thread:
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