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    I carry my Treo600 naked in my front pocket, and I really don't want to change this. Sorry for the long post with my question...

    I've been using PDA Screen Protectors (aka G2) since I got my Treo in November, and I really love them except for two things...

    (1) Since they don't have any stick, dust and grit from my pocket works its way under the protector, and I have lots of fine scratches on the screen now. Now that I've figured this out, I remove the protector and clean it (and the screen) often, but the damage is already done.

    (2) The G2 fits by being a tiny bit oversized, and stays put by extending a few millimeters under the bezel surrounding the screen. Since it doesn't have any sticky to hold it in place, it moves around a little, and this motion has apparently chewed up the foam grommet that surrounds the screen. I say apparently, as I haven't taken apart the Treo to look, but little bits of black foam have been coming out every time I remove the G2 to clean it and the screen.

    A little over a week ago, on a 90 day, I was on the phone for almost an hour, outside, and I was sweating like a pig. Said sweat got into the phone through the now mostly grommetless screen, and it stopped working. Even a hard reset wouldn't do anything. Later that night, I finally got it to turn on by hooking it up to the charger. Half of the keys didn't work though.

    PalmOne sent me another Treo600. It works great. Has no faults that I can find. The screen is as bright, though the backlight is not quite as blue as the original. No hum or buzz, the speakerphone doesn't echo, and all is good. "B" rev hardware, Firmware 03.05, Software Treo600-1.12-INT. (Not ROW, but INT). My original Treo600 was an unlocked Cingular, and PalmOne was happy to send me an unlocked INT instead (at my request).

    I was on the road all last week (using the sweat damaged original Treo, which after two or three days worked just fine, except for two keys that required multiple presses before they worked), and didn't have time to order new e-grips or screen protectors.

    I'm leaving tomorrow for New Zealand on business, and I'm shipping back the old Treo and keeping the new one. I managed to find "generic" e-grips today at Radio Shack, and while I was there I picked up some screen protectors for the new phone. They had two brands (which both required cutting as Radio Shack didn't carry any custom cut for the Treo600).

    The Belkin ClearScreen Overlays are pretty clear, but their sticky substance makes them totally worthless. It is horribly blotchy. There are so many spots on the screen that I would rather use nothing. And it's not air bubbles, it's bad glue. The pack comes with a dozen or so overlays, and after applying and removing three of them, I just held the next one up to the light before I applied it, and all the crap was there on the overlay right from the factory. No amount of rubbing or anything else would make them acceptable, even to a blind man.

    The Fellows WriteRight's are very well made, and were relatively easy to apply, but I really hate the method they use to cut glare. They have a fine pattern etched into the plastic, and while it cuts glare remarkably, it also creates an interference pattern with the Treo600 screen. This shows up as moire which moves as you change the angle you're looking at the screen. I don't mind glare reduction much, but the moire really sucks.

    So, finally, here's my question. (And yes, I've read all the threads I could find here on the subject). Are there any screen protectors that use the sticky method that are as clear (don't try to cut the glare) and as wonderful as the G2 PDA Screen Protectors?

    I'll use the WriteRight this week in New Zealand, but I don't much care for it. I have another unused G2 PDA Screen Protector, but I don't want to risk damaging the foam grommet. I probably can't give up sweating.

    Thanks for any advice!

    Bill S
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    I have used both the Boxwave ClearTouch and the protectors sold at the TreoCentral Store. Had the same problems with both as far as lint sticking to the adhesive before putting them on. But if you use a piece of clear packing tape and put the screen protector sticky side on the tape, it pulls the lint right off before you put it on your treo screen. Both of these protectors are great at glare reduction. In fact, I couldn't tell much difference except the price ($30 for 3 ClearTouch, $15.95 for 3 from the TreoStore) I recommend the ones from TC store based on price alone. You can afford to screw one of them up without getting mad, but if you use the tape you may have two to spare. See what you think.
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    I agree - BoxWave is the way to go - they are solid, easy to apply (no big bubble problem), have good sensitivity and cut down on glare. I prefer them to the Fellowes WriteRight product which used for a long time on my previous Tungstens. Only downside is they are pricey...
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    I hope this is not an inappropriate endorsement, but I love the protecters; they are the first screen protectors that I've actually used in my four years of owning PDA's.

    I scratched my Treo screen about a month after getting it and promptly freaked out about ever doing it again. So I acquired and applyed a screen protector back in February? and I haven't had any problems since. The screen is responsive, the protector stays clean, and the screen stays scratch free. I have no air bubbles, and had no problems putting them on. I think that the boxwave cleartouch protectors are the exact same as the store.treocentral ones but I may be wrong.
    -Michael Ducker
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    Quote Originally Posted by cwproctor
    ..Had the same problems with both as far as lint sticking to the adhesive before putting them on.
    You misunderstand; I have no problem with dust/lint/etc when I apply the screen protector (whatever brand). No bubbles either. The Belkin ClearScreen Overlays I got were either defective, or have the worst adhesive known to man. It wasn't clear; it was full of glue blotches. Right out of the package. The WriteRight's were fine, I just don't like their glare reduction method.

    amell & miradu: I'll check the boxwave cleartouch (treo store version) out when I get back from NZ. I should have internet connectivity while I'm there, and may just order them when I get there and (maybe) have them waiting for me when I get home in another week.

    Thanks for the suggestion. (Are the boxwave as clear as the G2, or do they have frosting)?

    Bill S
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    they have a very slight amount of frosting - you cannot use your Treo as a mirror after applying them for example. However, I think they actually enhance the useability of the screen in daylight - maybe that's just my weird take.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    I use Martin Fields protectors. They are absolutely clear. They use the light tack type of adhesive so dust is not a problem. I've had mine on since December and it is still in great shape.
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    I have been extremely happy with protectors from They are sticky and work really well. Very clear, doesn't cut down on the glare too much, but I'd rather have a clear screen than one that is somewhat cloudy.
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    I always use Martin Field's protectors. The are as shiny and glossy as the actual screen. I don't really like the way the boxwave and brando dull the screen.
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    I am using the PalmOne screen protectors and they work great. Same finish as the screen (glossy), which I prefer. They work great and PalmOne includes a cloth for you to clean your screen before applying the protector. After applying mine I noticed some bubbles but they vanished on their own overnight. I suspect the plastic is just porous enough to let the air out over the course of a few hours.
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    I've used an old G2 that I resized ever since I had my Treo and haven't had any of the problems you have mentioned.

    I just don't see how grit can work it's way under my G2 considering the way it is situated on my screen and under the edges.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webdave
    I always use Martin Field's protectors. The are as shiny and glossy as the actual screen. I don't really like the way the boxwave and brando dull the screen.
    Hello everyone,

    The regular Cleartouch screen protector has the anti-glare feature which slightly affects the "naked" quality of the screen, which is why it sort of "dulls" the screen. The new ClearTouch Crystal keeps the screen as natural as can be. It's like there's nothing there at all. So check it out!

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    What kind of screen protectors does treocentral sell? They didn't list a brand on the page
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    I'm curious about the TreoCentral screen protectors as well. Where do they get them or what do they compare favorably to?

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    I got TreoCentral screen protector. There is no sticky side to put it on. It has already fallen off three times within two hours of applying.

    Please advise. What's wrong?
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    I'm another Martin Field's protector user. There really is nothing that can compete with them. Not even close, at least as far as I have seen.
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    tvBilly, i did exactly the same, i started out with G2s since i tought they would be better since they have no glue. Boy was i wrong. I keep the phone in my front pocket and dust collected under the G2, which with the movement of the screenprotector made tiny scratches in the screen.
    I then changed to Boxwave and they do a marvellous job. Not only do they cover up the scratches, they stay in place, and have a better feel when using the stylus. Never looked for anything else, these things are here to stay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiuc
    I got TreoCentral screen protector. There is no sticky side to put it on. It has already fallen off three times within two hours of applying.

    Please advise. What's wrong?
    You're talking about these, right?
    Treo Screen Protectors (3-Pack)
    Our Treo Screen protectors not only protects your display, it also enhances it! $15.95
    You need to pull the backing off! Believe me, the sticky side is VERY sticky.
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    Just a follow-up, now that I'm back home. I ordered the Brando UltraClear Protector Plus overlay, and I love it. It went on easily, bubbles came out easily, it sticks completely, and it is possible to remove it using a piece of tape (no toothpick, etc necessary).

    It is very very clear, the screen looks great, and I love the feel when I use the stylus. About the only difference I've noticed (as compared to no protector at all) is that a little more pressure is needed when using the stylus.

    I also have a Boxwave clear-touch here (unopened), but for some reason I got the frosted version instead of the new crystal version (I think I may have just ordered the wrong version...), and I didn't bother to try it, since I really like the Brando UltraClear.

    Bill S
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    say hi to Frodo for us.....
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