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    How many of you actually use the 600 for listening to tunes? Also how many songs can you listen to before the battery dies?
    Thanks, stevo
    (New VZ 600 owner -cameraless)
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    ~ 30 w/ plenty of batt left...
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    I listen to them everyday at the gym. Don't know how many but I listen to them for an 1.5 hours and doesn't take up much battery life.
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    It's kind of nice to have 30 or so mp3s on my SD card when I'm waiting somewhere, like in line or at the denstist's office, and I don't have my regular mp3 player. Makes great entertainment for my "daily constitutional" as well.
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    we use the mp3 for ringtones. check it out
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    I have close to 40 songs on my Treo. I fly frequently and listen to songs all the time and have never had a battery life issue. I do wish that the processor could handle playing music and games at the same time, though

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    I listen to MP3's and watch Simspons episodes. No battery problem.
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    I do and the battery has never been an issue....
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    I listen to music and old radio shows for 4/5 hours at a clip with no battery issues and lots of joy. My battery has never seen the 50% mark. I love old time radio shows.

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    I do over 20 of MP3's and battery is not an issue and this is a refurbished phone also. I listen to Shoutcast as well.
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    Thanks all. I'll have to give my nomad creative mp3 player a rest and give this a shot. Stevo
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    Stevo, just make sure you have large enough quality SD card.
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    Just one last item here - I think the MP3 function, when combined with the Seidio 2in1 headset, is one of the best aspects of the 600. I have three 256Mb cards, all filled with wma files - I can get about 7 or 8 CDs on each card. Being able to use ONE headset for both music and phone has TOTALLY changed how I use the phone. I always have my music with me and playing. While sitting at my desk, while driving (yes I know), while out running errands. Always. It rocks.
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    I have dozens of songs and multiple playlists on a 512 GB card - listen daily on my treadmill. Also use Shoutcast. This is definitely a key feature of my T600!
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    It's always entertaining seeing the looks on my friend's faces when I take them out to lunch.

    Just hook-up the treo to my cassette adapter and power adapter, juice-up the stereo, and blast-out 1 of the 4 CD's worth of files I keep on it regularly.

    And if I get a ca 2
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    Everyday my wife and I listen to music on our Treos. She has a 40gb ipod but, it's only used on long driving trips. Very convenient with the Treo.
    Ibrahim B.

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    I use my Treo on long flights, ATL to LAX. Several hours with plenty of Battery left. A good set of headphones and its nap time ZZZZZZZ.

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    I have a 1GB card, so I have a 200-250 MP3's on my Treo. I most often listen to them when bored on the bus, or as ringtones.
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    I have 15 mp3 that I play every day. I play it when I am on break at work 1.5hrs.
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