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    I don't know that any of us HAS to have their music 24x7 with them, but the point of the Treo, and what these folks have found, is this: Since you have your phone (Treo) with you just about all the time, and since it does a GREAT job of playing music, why not listen to music all that time? I mean - the phone is there, you have tunes, use it. That's the point.
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    I'd go nuts without music at work.. The fans from the servers on the other side of my office would kill me.
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    ...after I got my Treo 600 and 512MB SD card. I rotate 5 or 6 CDs worth of mp3 of music through at a whack (heavy rotation). Makes noisy outdoor work much more pleasant as it does lonely datacenter work.

    When other people inquire about my Treo, I nearly always point out that feature first, but I always come away with the sense that listening to music on their phone isn't something they'd get too wound up about. I know it is because they never have.

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