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    Anyone here use Dual Date? Here's my situation:

    I manage my boss's calendar in addition to my own. We utilize MS Outlook/Exchange and I would like to be able to sync my boss's schedule onto my Palm but keep it separate from my schedule.

    My boss uses a Blackberry, not a Palm, so I'll have to do it via MS Outlook (I have access to the boss's calendar via sharing it out to me over the Network). My PC is the only one w/ Palm Desktop Software.

    Can Dual Date work (don't think so, believe this needs two Palm devices)? Any other solutions out there?

    Sure would appreciate the help...
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    Tell your boss to get a Treo 600. Also, do not use Dual Date. Use its big brother Wesync ( They are upgrading it at the moment for OS 5. It is a great program. Have used it for years with 5 and more calendars and address books of people in different locations.


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