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    After updating my firmware to the latest (Sprint), my phone will soft reset 70% of the time when I remove it from the cradle (hot synced or not) and will reset frequently when using a data connection (mainly with Webviewer). I will see it soft reset occasionally when I use the browser. It doesn’t always do it, but enough that it is frustrating to use it sometimes. I did not see this behavior before the update. I am really thinking about reverting to the old firmware if possible. In the mean time, I have tried hard resetting my handheld and reloading only the key apps and leaving off many including Webviewer, chatter, and other data related as well as “hack” type apps. I would not update any of the apps from the default install, but that limited my device so much that I would not really use it and hence makes it hard to test. Unfortunatly, it's still happening when I remove it from the cradle!

    Has anyone else seen any behavior like this? Anyone aware of any issues with the apps listed below and the updated firmware?

    My current config is as follows:
    OS v5.2.1 (Sprint)
    15.8 free of 21.1mb

    BackBuddy VFS
    Dictionary to go
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    What do you get in the error log? In phone type ##377 and dial.

    One suspicion I have is that you may have had a preference set in SlideShowToGo to run a slideshow when placed in cradle.Toggle this to see if it might solve the issue.
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    I did not see an option in slideshow to go to run a slideshow automaticly. SplashPhoto sis have this option but it was diabled. How would I verify thi option in slidshowToGo?

    I will check the ##377 error results next time it happens. Backup sometimes casues a reset (which it just did) and replaced the error logs content. I will verify it then next time it happens.

    thanks for the addtional debug ideas,
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    Mine resets for no apparent reason also. It happens often when I try to call the same number (like calling in to win tickets from the radio) over and over and about 4 times of the same number it just resets. Annoying. My phone is in the bad ESN range but I don't know if that is only for those that get the network search error or if it also is the reason I get so many soft resets for no apparent reason.
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    tre600guy - are you running any caller-id related software like tcringer, ringo etc. that plays specific ringtones by number? Also have you skinned your phone application using a phone.prc or phone overlay product?

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