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    i've been downloading the beta versions of snapper 2.0. with the latest, every time I exit snappermail, there is a message "discarding from trash" as a little blue progress maker floats across the screen. this happens even if I've not read or deleted any messages. it only takes a couple of seconds but is beginning to get annoying. anyone else notice this?
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    having same problems myself.. waiting for an answer on this too except my wait is about 15-20 seconds for the discard. and almost as long to startup.

    what kind of sd card do you use?
    i use a standard 256 MB Sandisk (not ultra II) maybe a better SD card will make things smoother for us?
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    Hello! I'm glad it's not just me. Although your issue sounds more complex than mine. I use a standard PalmOne 64mg SD card but I don't put anything snapper-related onto it. So I'm not sure that's the link. Let me know if you hear anything! best, Bill
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    Had been using the 1.9 version. Installed 2.0 a couple days ago. Now, no messages are retained outside of the Inbox - deleted messages do no show up in the trash folder. More frustrating, deleting a message in Snapper is having the same effect as junking it - it is deleted from my mail server during the next Send/Receive. Adding to the confusion, it seems to have also affected Blazer's ability to load web pages.

    A hard reset restores Blazer's functionality, but does not correct the Snappermail issue.

    Anybody have a clue?
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    dammit... thats what happend to my blazer...........i have to do a hard rest to fix it!?
    i just started archiving to my card .. since then blazer is screwed.

    i really dont wanna hard else can i fix blazer and if i do a hard reset and then restore via backupman wont it just have the issues and how do i get rid of this length discarding from trash garbage. it never used to do this and now i turned the storage off and its still doing it!!!! im bout to just get rid of snapper mail at this point
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    Seriously, doesn't anyone else have this "Discarding from trash" problem? I get it everytime I exit the app.

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