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    Maybe someone can lend me some advice. I have 2 Sprint Treo 600s. Initially the phones work like a charm when I first got them last December. Over this past month the service has been absolutely the worst. I complained to Sprint (to no avail of course) and then I just realize what both phones are doing. When I have them plugged into the charger (at home or in the car) they work like a charm. When not on the charger, I get "No service" and "Network Search". I might be able to make a call but the call will get dropped within seconds. Even text messaging is hit or miss. On one phone the battery indicator sometime will have an "X" on it but it doesn't make a difference because on both phones, I can't make any calls, I get voicemails 4 hours late and now (the worst part) the phone will reboot when turning the wireless mode on and off. Both phones have different apps on them but they're doing the same thing. I thought it was the service but now I'm confused. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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    do a search for network search on this forum.

    You have a battery problem and you phones need to be replaced.
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    I did and a phone replacement seems to be the only avenue. But both phones? $1200 on two phone and this will be the second replacement for one and first for the other. Unbelievable.
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    What has been the power source for both of them throughout their lives?
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    dude, they're under the 12 month warranty, and will be replaced free of charge (that's how it worked for me back in April, and I bought my 600 in October). No need to sweat the $1200. Should have been that way when you did the initial replacements....
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    To KRamsauer
    I have used the charger that came with the unit 90% of the time. I've also used the car charger and more recently the usb/retractable sync/charger.

    To nrosser
    I am going right back to return them, but you know Sprint got me the first time as I was unaware of the warranty and they directed me to the insurance department (35 non refundable). I know better now and can only hope this time I get new and not refurbished units.

    Thanks to both for the feedback.
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    I would be careful about the car charger and usb/retractable sync/charger. I fried the hotsync on mine by using some bootleg 3rd party product to save myself $20.
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    On an unrelated note the long wait time for voicemail notification is not a treo problem, it's a Sprint problem.
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    well, it could be a network problem, or even an account problem with voicemail notification. All providers can have issues with voicemail.
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    by the way - when I did my replacement I got a refurb and it's totally fine. No issues at all. I wouldn't sweat the new vs refurb issue.
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    Get the 2000mAh battery. My treo parted ways with it's warranty when it parted with it's last owner. I had no choice but to buy the replacement battery from I've found the 2000mAh battery does much better than the stock one. Besides, it's only $50.
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    Take it back to sprint. I've had one of my treo 600s replaced twice already for that problem.

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