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    I was poking around on the forums the other day, and discovered a thread where the Crimson Fire developers have come right out and stated that they will add low-res support to their GB/GBC emulator if 20 treo 600 owners post that they are interested. The exact quote:

    "If 20 different treo users come here and say they want it, then we'll make an OS 5 low-res version...."

    I've added mine, and the guy who started the thread makes two. Surely there's 18 more of you who would be interested in buying a GB/GBC emulator! Take a second to add a post to the thread. The treo is ideal for emulating those systems, since the old gameboys had screen resolutions that fit nicely in 160x160 without scaling. This is an easy one, folks-- all you have to do is post that you're interested.
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    bump. IMHO this would be infinitely better than Gizmo or NESEm, assuming it works correctly.
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    I am interested.
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    I find it hard to believe that there are not TWENTY people on this board that want this. Come on, folks, the registration process at CrimsonFire is painless, so don't let that stop you.
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    I just threw my hat into the ring... that would be cool to see this
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    I am also interested!
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    It seems like everyone who has posted here has not posted on CrimsonFire's message board. PLEASE POST TO CRIMSONFIRE'S MESSAGE BOARD AT THE LINK IN THE ORIGINAL POST!!!! THEY ARE NOT LOOKING AT THIS THREAD!!!
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    That's a good point-- everybody needs to know that it's not *this* forum you need to post in. The request came from's forum, so go to this link and add your voice. We're only a few posts away from hitting 20 now!!
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    I posted!
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    Come on, try to visualize a GBC emulator on your Treo as soon as a day or two from now. (I assume it's not a major programming effort). We should be able to get many MORE than 20 for a smartphone that PalmGear gave its own category to.
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    I'm waiting to get my activation email, then I'll post there. I think it's a great idea.

    PS. Anyone know where I can find a place to "backup" Gameboy ROMs? I already have backups of over 4,000 NES ROMs.
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    I posted - if you're hesitant to sign up for places that require a valid email address, use spamgourmet:
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    We only need one or two more-- note that the number of posts in that thread isn't the total we're looking for, since a few of those posts aren't requests. We're at 21 total, but two of them are the post from Kyle and a post from a guy who doesn't own a treo. 19 by my count... who will be number 20?!?

    But even if we get 20, don't stop. Flood them with posts from interested treo owners!!
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    Just registered and posted.
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    How would I aquire roms to use with it? I have several games that I would like to "backup" but I am not sure how I would do it. Any suggestions????
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    Usually you would use a cart reader or a link cable to copy the game to your PC. They made GB/GBC link cables for a while, but it seems all anybody has now is GBA link cables-- I have a GBA cable, and will see if I can read my GB/GBC carts with it, and report back. I honestly have no idea-- I use the thing to move my GBA carts onto one big cart so that I can carry more than one game without a pocketful of cartridges, but the GBA supports GB/GBC carts, so it might work.
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    Heck Yea! Bring on the emulations!
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    Well, I went and bought a used copy of Zelda: Oracle of Ages for the GBC over lunch and tried to use my GBA SP and EZF-Advance link cable to dump the cart to my PC, but it won't work. Apparently the GBA will not boot from the linker cable when it has an original GB or GBC cart in it, even when you're holding down start and select to force it to do the linker cable boot. It just launches straight into the game.

    There are original Gameboy linkers for doing this with an original GB or GBC, but I wasn't able to find any still being sold new. Bung used to make one-- maybe you could find it on ebay or something. If anybody else knows a way to do this with things you can buy now, or a straightforward homebrew project, please post!

    In the meantime, while we wait for the internet to solve our problems for us, there are quite a few freeware gameboy games out there that are quite good, from places like this:
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    Check out for a whole boatload of free GB/GBC roms as well. There are literally hundreds of them, and some of them look great. I've heard good things about "Hungry Are the Dead," but have never gotten around to playing it. I used to have Sqrxz on my TI Calculator, of all things, and didn't realize there was a gameboy port of it. Good platformer.
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    All I really want is to be able to play the real classic Bubble Bobble on my treo. IMHO The one they just release is not as fun. Anyone know if this rom is available?
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