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    I own several cords of various kinds (including a sync cable) that have spring-loaded retractors on them. Does anyone know whether it's possible to just buy spring-loaded retractors that can be placed on other cables? Specifically, I'm looking to make my headphone cable retract (it's very long, esp. with the Seidio 2-in-1 adapter).
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    I've been hoping someone would have a positive answer for you, but I don't. I bought a spring-loaded retractor at the local Radio Shack, which had a network cable in it that closely matched the width of the cable I wanted to make retractable. I took it apart and put in my cable, but it was a disaster since my cable wasn't flat like the one that came in the retractor. Ugh. I should have known, given how easily these spring-loaded retractable spool things seem to get tangled up inside even with their own cord.

    Other larger spools I've used for cables are here, here or the wind-up spools sold with some earbud headphones, but none are pocket-sized and self-retracting for the kind of purpose you describe. I'm still keeping my eyes open, though.

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