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    I think Sprint has designed their data systems to work differently depending on where you are. This weekend I took a trip from NYC to Richmond VA, while staying at a Amerisuite hotel I connected to the internet using my Treo 600 and PDANet. Here are results I got from DSL Report

    Richmond VA
    Treo 600/PDANet
    93 kb/sec
    2.7 second latency
    10.752 second d/l time

    Amerisuite WIFI
    234 kbit/sec
    0.432s latency
    7.25s d/l time.

    Brooklyn NY
    Treo 600 PDANet
    64 kbit/sec
    2.228s latency
    14.722s d/l time.
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    Signal strength plays a big part. You only had a 29kb/s difference.
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    My NYC signal strength (full scale) is better than the Richmond VA signal (3 bars) any/everyday.
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    Sprint definitely doesn't design their network to be slower based on location.

    The issue likely isn't signal strenth, but rather the hardware (switches, routers, etc.) backbone that your connection gets routed through before hitting the 'net. Like any internet connection, there will be fluctuations based on time of day, demand, etc.

    Finally, take any internet "speed test" with a grain of salt. These are approximations at best.

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