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    What have others found to be the best app for multiple assignments for hard buttons and app shortcuts? I have tried a couple and just not found one yet that is "just right"
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    How about Launcher (from the Palm Commander family)?
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    AardQuick Button Launcher is the best in my eyes i have tryed 1 button pro and this allows for more apps on the hard buttons than 1 button pro and it is cheaper i have yet to see a app like this free yet

    you can find it here
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    I like Hi-Launcher. Clean, Simple, Allows you fast access to all your programs with a single button and doesn't clutter the screen
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    CoLauncher. Try it
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    Ignore the rest and try the best.............. Hi-Launcher baby!

    j/k... go ahead and try them all. I like Hi-Launcher the most though
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    check out QLaunch, for me it was perfect. Look on
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    Does anyone using Hi-Launcher have a problem where the menus will turn totally white, where you can only see the frame & not the text? The only way to get out of this is to do a soft reset. I haven't seen any complaints about this so I'm wondering if I have a conflicting application or something.
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    Just installed Palm Commander on my 650. The backup doesn't work correctly, but the key launcher works great. Assign up to 9 apps to each hard button (except the red phone / off button), and select which one you want by pressing the hard button the appropriate number of times, e.g, three times for the 3rd app assigned to the button.

    The program allows a user-definable lag between pressing the button (from .5 seconds to 10 seconds and "forever") and the app starting so you can see what app you're selecting. I have the green phone button set to rotate between:

    Phone / Contacts / Tasks / Memos / Camera

    The calendar button switches between

    Datebk5 / Cryptinfo / Docs to Go

    And the email button is assigned to:

    Snappermail / Symmety Pro / SMS / Web /

    12 apps on 3 buttons, and it works great.

    PC also includes on-the-fly program compression. You can store your programs compressed, and it will un-zip them when you try to run it. I haven't tried this with the 650 yet, however.

    Palm commander is $15, but I probably wouldn't buy it for the 650 since backup doesn't work. But the same folks sell Button Launcher, which will map multiple programs to the hard buttons, for only $6.95, which seems like a good deal to me.
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    maybe this is not what you are looking for but I have wassup mapped to my power key. then from within wassup you have 15 apps you can choose from via the D pad. In addition to the main screen apps in wassup cal, mail, todo and memo. Then I use SLAP which allows a quick notes tobe saved to mail, memo, todo or contacts then lastly the default phone button for phone,web, contacts and sms. Lastly I use mcpling mapped to my alt and the right side shift button which allows access to the past 10 apps opened and Back button that's all I need
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    I use BPLaunch, it's kind of a freeware add on to Bob's Alarm. Can't find the link to that, but Bob's Alarm is:

    BPLaunch is pretty basic... lets you through time delay have three apps linked to each of the four buttons. If the Treo's turned off, it can pop up a clock when you tap a button.
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