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    I have been using the 256 MB card, but want to move up to the 512 MB card. I am using the regular card now, but wondering whether its worth spending extra to get the Ultra II instead of the regular 512 MB card. Can anyone who uses the Ultra card explain what the benefits of the Ultra II card would be for a Treo user? Is it worth the extra bucks?
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    The Ultra IIs are much faster. If you backup to a card the backup time is dramatically faster. I use the Treo for dictation, and at least with Audacity, the Ultra IIs work fine, wheras the regular Sandisk are too slow for recording to the card. Also, loading songs to Pocket-tunes is faster using the windows meda player.

    Just bought a 512 Ultra II at ZipZoomFly. The price fell another dollar to $125 this week, minus the $25 rebate = $100. Rebate through 8/12.

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    There is a major difference in speed. Take a look at some of the benchmarks here (sort by brand, and compare the Sandisk cards). Worth the money for the Ultra II.
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    I think it depends on whether you are going to do real-time audio (and maybe someday video) recordings. The recommendations on the audacity website (to use the Ultra II) made my decision...

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