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    Hey guys,
    I am switching off phones with a friend. He will be getting my TREO and he is giving me his bells and whistles regular phone. They are unlocked phones, but we are confused as to how the whole SIM card situation works.
    So for a beginner with SIM cards, what exactly do they do?
    Can they be transferred from phones, or do they stay in the original?
    If I buy a new phone in a store or anywhere do I SWAP my SIM card and why?
    If I buy or sell a phone over eBay, what do I do with my SIM card and/or the purchased SIM card?

    Sorry for the stupid remedial questions, but I am considering swapping with my friend or buying over the internet an unlocked phone and want to know how I will transfer over to it my service with the SIM card. thanks...if needed i am an ATTWS subscriber. Free Kobe
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    If you have unlocked phones, simply switch SIM cards to make your 'new' phone have your 'old' phone number. Your SIM card is your identity. You may want to hard reset the Treo to remove any personal information you have on it before swapping phones (and retaining SIMs). You can even store some of your phone numbers on the SIM card (50 or so) and they will transfer to the new phone.

    If you buy a new phone, put your existing SIM card into the phone to get it to be recognized as your phone number and account.

    If you sell your phone, remove the SIM card (for use in your new phone) and hard reset your Treo to erase your personal info.
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    Thanks Jaytee!
    How do I store contacts/numbers on my SIM card to transfer? I assume if I can do 50 at a time, I can transfer them all before I get rid of my phone.

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