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    Ok gang. I have a tough decision to make and am really torn.

    I have been carrying a Sharp Zaurus PDA and a Sanyo 5300 for a year and a half. The 5300 has been a champ and I love using the Zaurus.. however, I am getting tired of carrying around two devices every day (the pda in my pocket and the phone in a holster).

    I really wanted a good speakerphone so I can drive hands-free and figured that having an all-in-one device would solve most of my problems.

    However, I am still not completely sold on the Treo after trying it out for 2.5 weeks. It has a handful of limitations which really leave me undecided.

    1) The speakerphone, while full duplex, isn't quite loud enough to use in the car

    2) The 160x160 screen really hampers my viewing of spreadsheets, which is pretty important. The 320x240 screen on my Zaurus is perfect.

    3) The ear piece quality isn't quite as good as my Sanyo 5300

    I also purchased a Sanyo RL-7300 for comparison. It's speakerphone is nice and loud, however it is Half-Duplex which makes it difficult to have a fully flowing conversation.

    I got the Treo for $495 and can get additional rebates if I re-up my contract with Sprint.

    However, the fact that the Treo 610 could street as soon as October makes me wonder if I should just take the 600 back and wait in hopes that I can get the 610 when it comes out.

    I have a feeling that the 320x320 resolution will really make a big difference in day-to-day use. But will it be worth the wait? If the Treo 610 gets delayed or is in short supply thru the holidays (which is highly likely), I feel like I'd regret taking the 600 back.

    So, what do you all think? Should I tough it out with the 5300 and the Zaurus and wait for the 610? Or should I keep the 600 even though it's not quite everything I was hoping for?

    I have 2 days to decide...Thanks for your input..
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    To me, it's a close call if I were in your situation. I would probably get the Treo now, but not recommit to Sprint yet. Then when the next Treo is released, dump your current Treo on Ebay and use the Sprint rebates on the new phone.
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    Yeah.. that was a thought. I could get the rebate with either phone.. overall cost would still be the same.

    One other concern about the Treo is how much abuse it can take. Normally, phones are durable enough that I can drop them a dozen times and other than some nicks and scratches they still work great. However, I doubt the Treo can take but 1-2 drops before breaking the screen.

    Long-term durability is a legitimate concern. With my phone and pda, I don't have these concerns.. so that's another reason I am on the fence here.
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    The first Treo was dropped multiple times from heights as much as five feet and no problems other than a nicked case - of course it was in the HandSpring belt case. It is hardier than it looks. My wife has been a PDA user for YEARS and I openly refused to carry a PDA and a phone - the phone was more important to me. When the Kyocera 6035 came out I tested her's and bought my own the next day. When the Kyocera 7135 was announced, I waited for a while, as Sprint stated it was coming out with it in the near future. Well, I gave up waiting and got the Treo 300. My wife upgraded to a Treo 300 the next day. When the Treo 600 came out, I gave the Treo 300 to one of the kids and purchased it. Never been sorry about the purchase. There have been times when I was a bit frustrated due to its newness and quirks, but it has turned out to be the perfect choice for me. Would I like a higher resolution screen? Sure. Would I like WIFI? Sure, that would allow me to access the home wireless network (two desktop computers, two laptops, and another handheld on it). Would I like a "real" camera? Nope, I did not buy it for that. It handles email excellently with SnapperMail and Chatter. It handles "chat" excellently with Chatter. It handles my database needs excellently with HanDBase. I read ebooks with E-Reader, back up the PDA itself with BackupMan, keep voice notes with PAR, ocasionally listen to Pocket Tunes Deluxe, use PocketLingo (two dictionaries and a thesaurus), keep track of alarms with Bob's Alarm, my day book with Datebook 5, device security with Teal Lock and Cradle Robber, and phone operations with TakePhone, Call Shield, TreoHelper and Treo Guard.

    A great purchase even though I did have to replace it due to a reception problem.

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    I used my treo 600 combined with my irock in the car, its great i can hear the phone calls thru my car speakers.
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    I was once in your situation - my requirements were to have a data device with a phone on the side. I chose the Palm Tungsten W which has everything you are looking for in the screen dept., but it is a 'data first' device.
    I then had more of a requirement to use my pda more as a phone and a data device second, so I switched to a Treo 600.
    It sounds though as if you might need a phone foremost with ability to look at spreadsheets. In which case the Treo is much better (Tungsten does not have an internal loudspeaker or car kit adapter).
    Treo 600 all the way. Unless your spreadsheets are very complex, the screen is not that bad in my view. Keep it and wait for the 610 which must have a better screen quality if not a larger one...

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