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    How can I upload a file (say, a .doc or a .pdf) to my Treo so that I can send it through SnapperMail?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sure can. In addition, you can do it via a hot sync, an external card reader or maybe a program similar to PC File Browser (freeware). I was not able to get PC File Browser to work the first time; however, after some playing around, it is now working and gosh, it works well. I can transfer files back and forth in a snap. Sure beats doing it on the PDA with FileZ (though Filez is a must have utility). I have it running from the SD card.

    SnapperMail handles attachments through its file browser, allowing you to choose main memory or external memory. I have transfered files up to 1mb with SnapperMail and have had no problems.

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    I use Docs to Go Premium for .doc & .xls files. So far so good. Docs to Go also "views" .pdf files using Word, but it's not so great. AdobeReader reads .pdf files beautifully, but as far as I know you can't send them in the original format. Maybe someone else here can enlighten.
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