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    I just started a new job where they are using Groupwise 4.1a. Can I still snyc my 600? My computer also has Outlook on it.
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    what do you mean by sync?

    if you can get your email via outlook, you should be able to get your email on the treo. unless, your IT department blocks access from outside.

    4.1a? we using 6.5.sp2.
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    Intellisync is a good choice for Groupwise sync. Keep in mind that it will have issues in you do remote syncing when at home over slow lines but otherwise works well.

    I personally sync on ly my calander and sync everything else to the Palm desktop since large contact database to sync slowly.

    Hope this helps.
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    Are you sure its Goupwise 4.1a? The last time I was installing 4.1a was back when Novell bought wordperfect. We are talking almost 9 years ago. If I remember correctly, Novell did provide a conduit that allowed you to use Outlook 97 ( a few years later ), as a Groupwise client. Not sure if it is still around. I would think they dropped support for such an old product. Moving to the new versions was a no brainer, they are just so much better.
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    Hard to believe, I know, but it is 4.1a. Thanks for the input. I am most interested in sync the calendar, because I can still use Outlook for everything else. The boss wants everyone to use 4.1a for calendaring so that each person can access each others calendar. I have not been here long enough to explain why serious upgrading is needed and that many other software can provide the same uses.
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    If you can find it, both Toffa SyncWise and Intellisync made versions way back that supported 4.1a. Both synced everything except email due to a lack of APIs.

    Finding these versions may be difficult as you're talking about 1998 sync products. They might not even work with Palm OS5....
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    I'm a huge Groupwise supporter, but 4.1a?
    You've got to be kidding, I would not even try to get it to sync without backing up your personal address books first. . . you could have some major corruption if anything goes wrong.

    You won't get to sync mail, only contacts if you can get that portion to even work.
    You can export your address books into CSV (ABA in Novell speak) format and try to import those into the palm desktop. I don't think calendar entries were exposed for sync until 5.2, possibly 5.5 so I don't think they will sync either.

    4.1a is WAYYYYYYY end of life, your guys need a serious upgrade to 6.5.
    If it's less than 100 users, you could have them upgrade to the SBS suite which is pretty darn nice and includes Groupwise 6.5, which is a much better email client and will sync with the Palm.

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