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    Have problems loading to Kingston 512 SD - put in PC card reader, load up 300 mb of .wma files , everything works fine. Plays with pTunes just great. Wanted to add just one more album - kablooey, file structures all messed up, weird file names. Card Info reports bogus stats for SD card. Reformatted card in Treo, exact same thing happened with a different mix of files - last group of files added were jpg. Talked to Kingston, support sent me a new card. Same problem. Have loaded card with Windows Explorer and also with Windows Media Player - same results. Write caching is disabled so not a too fast card snatch. Is it the card or is it my PC (a six month old Gateway).
    Any advise greatly appreciated.
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    USB PC Card Reader problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlbrummels
    USB PC Card Reader problem.
    Great - what's the fix. It's a built in 4 card reader (have used the CF reader with camera extensively with no problem). Do I need a different driver or ??

    Many thanx for reply
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    Multi readers have more problems than the single card reader/writers.

    Usually pulling down the USB bus voltage. Had the same problems on a Windoze 98SE machine with a generic multi-reader.

    Have a Sandisk reader on the XP machine and the card works fine there. Could be the driver, the hardware etc. R/W errors and strange file names are the norm in this situation, I tossed the generic multi-reader.
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