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    Like many of us, I have found I can leave my laptop at home on weekend trips now. Problem is, if I am bidding, selling, or watching items on ebay, I have a TERRIBLE time viewing the "My ebay" pages. Not enough memory (even when I allocate a ton to the browser) slow, etc etc. Not to mention, getting some strange code on the screen (you can tell I am not a programmer) instead of display.

    Has ANYone had any luck viewing the ebay site? I sure would like leaving my old heavy pc laptop at home.
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    i use skweezer's service for most of my blazer browsing. Ebay works much better. they have a 30 day trial.

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    i use reqwireless webviewer and it works like a charm, everytime
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    But that wap site isn't working now
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    I went through this discussion one before when I had my 270. Someone gave me a link and it worked for my 270. Let me search through this one.
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    Here's the site posted by AcuJimmy.

    Here's the thread:

    The problem now is that I run into that page download size issue.

    I decided to access ebay with WebXcope and that works with eBay.

    gfunkmagic mentions the Abidia Mobile software. You can also check that out.

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