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    Purchased a 600 last Wednesday. Worked fine until Saturday. Twice now, I've gone to turn it on and the screen is completely blank. The only way to get it to respond was a soft reset both times. Then this afternoon, whenever I would try to access Vision, it would reset itself. Once it locked up totally and a soft reset did nothing. I finally had to do a hard reset. It seems to be working okay now. Any ideas/suggestions?
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    It doesn't sound good.

    Any third party software installed which may be causing trouble?

    See how it responds for a bit after the hard reset. If the trouble returns I'd exchange it.
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    When the Treos were new and we were using new/untested/buggy software, this was common. It is now very rare that I experience what you are experiencing. I would take it back. Ben
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    Thanks. Now I'm getting a message that says the battery is low when I just fully charged it and the battery indicator says it is fully charged. There is definitely something wrong with this one. I'm going to return it at lunch and get another one.

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