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    Thanks.. Great Little Review
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    For people in big companies, there is a fundamental difference: Treo lets you avoid your IT department. Blackberry lets you leverage your IT department. Either might be desirable, depending on your situation.

    The Treo approaches (Sprint BCS, VZW WS) can be implemented by any user. They will punch through the corporate firewall, and IT doesn't even have to know it's happening. On the other hand, you are dependent on an unmanaged PC that needs to be always on. If there's a system crash or power failure on a weekend, you may be off the air until you get back to the office.

    The Blackberry Enterprise Server approach is as fully managed as the rest of your Exchange or Domino environment. It's expensive, and out of your control, but there's probably someone monitoring the server for you at 3 a.m.
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    Supposedly (this is according to the information security group at my company) the blackberry is a better solution for large enterprise because it carries the FIPS level 2 security rating... and the government uses them so there's been extensive security testing... Goodlink only has a level one rating which according to most security folks isn't good enough. There is a solution from Extended Systems called OneBridge Mobile Groupware that has level 2, however. Obviously though, the treo carries so much more functionality that i think it's worth it.

    that's if you're looking at it from the IT sense... obviously the treo also works very well in the standalone model... a lot better than a blackberry standalone.
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    Sprint offers two other levels of service above Business Connection Personal Edition. The BCEE Server Solution is just like BlackBerry in the sense it is a box you can put into your corporate domain to serve as the re-director for all users to get email from Exchange or Domino. The BCEE Network solution is a no-touch solution that just requires a pipe between Sprint BC Servers and yor email server. From either of these solutions or BCPE you have a range of devices (Palm and PPC).
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec
    is for your IT guys (thier mgmt, that is), to support a more open solution.

    that of course, is unlikely.

    a workable solution is to ghetto-rig your email : set up a rule to redirect your email to a POP account and retrieve it on your Treo.
    heh.. this is why i like being the admin staff at my work.. i get to do nice things like use open solutions.
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    I haven't tried it yet, but the corporate solution from Good Technologies seems nice. It also works with mulitple platforms (Palm or Pocket PC).

    In my (small) company the business case isn't there yet to go with the full Blackberry Enterprise Solution. But, several users are going to use the Treo with the "approval" of Executive Management. With the Verizon Wireless Sync, one PC can be used for up to 20 people. This will be located long term in the data center as well.

    I agree with the comment the Treo allows "going around" the IT department, that is how I started with the unit. Now it's catching on.
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