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    PalmOne email will allow you to set up multiple accounts. But apparently it will only poll for email on the "current" account even though the other accounts are set up to poll for mail automatically. At least my Treo won't get it even though it's set up to.

    Can a Snapper mail user tell me if Snapper mail works better than this? The trial version only lets you test one account. I'd like to know if Snapper mail will automatically get mail from ALL accounts automatically before plunking down $50.

    Thanks for your help.
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    SnapperMail will fetch mail for all of your accounts at once, manually or automatically on a schedule.
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    first, you can download snapper and try it. no need to plonk down $50 if you dont like it.

    second, true that the handspring mail client wont manually sync all accounts (the way snapper does) unless you go to each one individually, but it should automatically sync all the accounts you tell it to. I used to have two accounts setup with it, and got mail automatically from both.
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