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    and who offers the best deals?
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    by far panasonic
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    SanDisk Ultra II
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    I just bought a SanDisk 512 MB Ultra II at for $125 total cost...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wilme2
    I just bought a SanDisk 512 MB Ultra II at for $125 total cost...

    I'm jealous. That's a great price. I paid over $200 for mine a couple of months ago at Circuit City.
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    256 cards are selling for $20 to 30 - $125 for a 512 doesn't sound so great to me.
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    Ultra II 256 for $20-$30?

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    Yeah - Where?
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    oops..sorry didn't realize it was "ultra"

    Have you seen this site:
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    Came across this at new to the SD cards so am unsure of the quality and pricing.

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    i'm using a lexar 256 from Sam's club for 47 bucks. working great for me
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback.
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    Memory card question.

    Palm are very specific about having the right card to use in the Treo. A diagram indicated the requirements. If you find a SD card which has some of the features but is missing some do you think it would still work. I mean it is after all still an SD card.

    The link above is to a site here in Aust where cards are very well priced. Notice the pictures of the cards to the left of screen meet the Palm requirements where the one's on the right and down the page have no cut out on the right side of the card.

    Do you think they would work none the less.

    Do you know much about Tekq brand.?
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    just bought the san disk ultra II 512 for 124 plus tax and free shipping from

    much less than the 219 that circuit city is asking for. (and that is not including tax)
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    has anyone used the kingmax 60x sd card in the treo600 (either 1GB or 512MB)? i read a review somwewhere that says they get stuck in the slot, but unsure of the reliability of the reviewer...

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