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    My volume (up) button quit working. Everything else on my phone has been solid though. I did have some touchscreen issues a couple days (not every area of screen seemed to be working ... not even after/with calibration) but after cleaning the screen a BUNCH of times, it's been solid for a week or two.

    Anyway, I'm wondering if I should get a new one from T-Mobile. I've heard a lot who've done multiple returns on to get faulty hardware. So maybe I should stick with mine, which has been tried and true except for the probs noted above. Now, the volume thing is an issue which isn't gonna go away (I can feel the diff. between the up and down buttons; the up pad that's underneath the button seems to have been knock out of whack or something ... because I'm not feeling the pressure there) BUT I can still adjust the volume

    What do you think?
    I can't fix it myself, right? Too risky ... and would void warranty, I'm sure.
    How long does T-Mobile take to get me a new phone? And would I have to send mine back b4 they send me a new one?

    My poor Treo. : (

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    Well ... I've learned that if I do exchange it ... it's possible T-Mobile will send me a refurb. That worries me.

    And I also learned, upon calling customer support, that they'll send me the new phone b4 I return the old.

    I don't know what I should do ...
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    I had some buzzing issues with my original Treo, and T-Mobile was quick to replace it for me. The second, third, and fourth units that they sent me were faulty, but the fifth one has worked like a charm (please don't let me jinx myself here!).

    IMHO you should replace your phone now, and if you get one back that has a problem, just get that replaced too. Perhaps I take a rather nonchalant approach to this, but isn't it important to wind up with a good phone in the end? Sure it was a bit of a hassle swapping out the other phones, but TMo was great to work with, sent the phones express and didnt charge me for the shipping, and worked with me until I was satisfied. Isn't that what customer service is all about?

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