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    So - I've been screwin' around w/ my TREO for a week.. added/removed at least 50 programs...

    Anyway - here is my list of questions - wondering if any of you guys could help me in getting some answers.

    1) Is there anyway to do a VIBRATE then RING. NOT both at the same time. I really miss this feature (unless I am doing something wrong).

    2) I have KEYGUARDTIME installed. and love it. BUT - it seems to conflict w/ any 3rd party CLOCK program (ie. BIG CLOCK or MEGACLOCK). It prevents it from making an alarm sound. Anyone else encounter this?

    3) Where can I get more MMS templates?

    4) The FASTEST way to check YAHOO mail (a WAP pgrm??)

    5) My Snappermail isn't working w/ my IMAP account. Any suggestions. Has anyone else encountered IMAP probs? Before I have my webmaster flip it to a POP 3... I just wanted to know if anyone else went thru this?

    6) Agenuds - doesn't seem to put the BIRTHDAYS into the outlook calendar... Is there a way to set this up? It seems to only work on the Agendus itself.

    7) Is there a headset out right now that lets you both answer calls and listen to music? IDeally just a one-sided ear bud?

    8) Your favorite doodle app that works w/ the TREO.

    9) Is the only way to have multiple apps associated w/ ea button thru a 3rd party app?

    10) When using filepc2pda. It sends MP3s just fine.. but when I try to send a LARGE file (ie. an AVI for MMPLAYER) it just sits there... Do they need to go into a specific directory on the palm? Or does it just have problems w/ larger files?

    11) Is BLAZER totally fine - or is there a BIG diff. w/a 3rd party browser... and do any of you find that a WAP browser is important?

    I realize this is a lot - but hey - we were all newbies once
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    2) I use Dis. Buttons to get around the keyguard problem

    5) Chatter ( works great for IMAP, and is slated to have attachment support in a future upgrade.

    a stereo headset (also available in retractable form)

    8) DiddleBug

    9) You can associate two apps with every button (one with the option key). Beyond that, I recommend CoLauncher, which lets you assign an app (or 2, since it's case sensitive) to every letter.

    10) I don't have experience with this, I use CardExportII and it works great.

    11) Blazer is NOT totally fine. It's probably the slowest browser available. I use WebViewer (and WebPro if I need JavaScript or to download files to the card). Between those two, I haven't had a need to use Blazer in months. Also take a look at Xiino, but be forewarned that the support is pathetic.

    Hopefully someone else can answer your other questions.
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    6) That's because Agendus uses the native Palm databases.
    If you put the Birthdays in Agendus' Datebook, then it will show up in Outlook's calendar as well.
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    Regarding point 9, there is a Treo 600 optimized version of 1 Button Pro in the downloads section of that I've been testing for the last feq days and works really well. It allows you to assign 9 applications to each hard button. You can also assign apps different apps when you hold each hard button down for more than 3 seconds. Pretty well conceived.

    Regarding 3rd party browsers.....until recently none were worthwile in my view. But it's worth the time to download the Treo optimized browser Xiino from the website mentioned above.

    Hope this helps a little

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