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    Is there an operational difference between using MMC and SD cards?

    I have an MMC card which 'card info' is telling me there are three applications using xMbs - but does not show the icons for me to launch them...

    What is wrong?
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    Do you have a program installed to run applications off the card?

    Launcher X for example?

    The only difference I know of between the two is that the SD card can be locked and the MMC card can not.
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    SD is 2.1mm thick and uses 8 pins. It also has a built in secure encryption thingy, mostly for DRM protected music.

    MMC is 1.4mm thick and uses 7 pins.

    MMC is threatening to become faster than SD. They already have 1GB MMC cards (check ebay) with write speeds peaking 9+ MB/sec
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    OK, I am going to be dumb here - but I thought that the Treo had a built in launcher..
    I assumed this to be the case as the user manual referred to '...inserting a card and picking the application icon that appeared...'
    Are you saying that I need to install a launch program? Next question, which is best (simplest) and where from?

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    no its just that the built in lancher does not put the card apps and the ram or rom apps together so you have to toggle between all and the sd card tab butsomething like SS does merge the two together
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    Many programs launch from the card, but some will not. For those you need a 3rd party launcher. I do not know what those are(that will not run from a card). All the programs I have tried on the card work fine with the built in launcher.
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    Thanks - that explains why I can see the apps on my SD card and not the MMC card. I have just downloaded Launcher X and shall try it for its free time.
    I hope it works as Donald above has noted, the MMC card seems to the one with attitude. I think quite a few MPS tracks can be stored in a 1Gb card...
    Thanks all for your help.

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